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Our Vegetables

We grow over 40 types of vegetables, from the staples like tomatoes, beans, lettuce and zucchini, to the unusual like ground cherries, tomatillos, kohlrabi and radish pods.  Like all farmers, we are constantly evaluating the way we grow things, with the goal of improving our soil and local growing environment.  Some of the practices we use include: cover crops (to improve soil compaction and add fertility), crop rotation, and ground covers (to conserve water and keep weed pressure down) and permanent plantings where possible (to reduce water needed to produce crops).  We are also able to use 2 hoophouses to help us start our seedlings and provide flowers and vegetables earlier and later than our general May 31- September 30 growing season allows.  We love to talk about our growing practices, so if you have questions, please let us know.

Farmers' Market

From Victoria Day to the end of August, you can find us at the Stayner Music, Market and Park It every Thursday evening.  Farmers' Markets in general are A LOT of work (so much loading and unloading), but we wouldn't miss our local one - it's our weekly chance to see everyone, get off the farm, enjoy some great food and music - and did we mention butter tarts?

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Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is such a joy to us.  Join us for a season of local eating, by coming to the farm every Wednesday from July to October and choosing from the best of the gardens.  Don't worry - there's no digging or picking involved.  Everything is picked, laid out, and ready to go!  For more info, check out our CSA page.

Self Serve on the Farm

Once the fields are exploding with bounty, we'll start stocking our Self Serve from Friday to Sunday with vegetables and our freshly made bouquets.  This is a great option for those who can't commit to a CSA and always find themselves busy on market nights.  Look for this to start mid July and run until at least Thanksgiving.

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