DIY Flower Buckets for Weddings and Special Events

Rural Roots offers a bulk bucket of flowers picked directly from our field just for your event.  

Our flowers might be right for you if:

  • You care about having local, sustainably grown and seasonal flowers at your event.

  • You have a flexible design idea about your event flowers and are willing to work with the freshest blooms available at the time of your wedding.  (ie.  You don't want peonies in October).  

  • You like "garden party" or "wildflower" style arrangements rather than more formal options.

  • You are on a budget or want to keep flower related costs economical.

  • You have confidence that you (and some helpers!) will be able to put together flowers in a way that you will love. 

Cactus Collection

Covid-19 and Your 2021 Summer Events

We know that there is a lot of uncertainty right now when it comes to your special events over the summer, and we wanted to let you know that we feel it too!  However, we are still going ahead with planting our huge field of flowers for fresh cut flower bouquets, wedding work and DIY Flower Buckets for your weddings and special events.  If you have already booked with us, please don't worry!  We know you are facing difficult decisions about changing, postponing or canceling your event. We're ready to work with you in any way necessary to make sure you're supported, and we will offer full refunds on your deposits in the event that you have to move your event to a month where we won't have fresh flowers available for you.

If you want to reach out about flowers, but aren't sure about your summer and fall events, due to the uncertainty, know that we will hold tentative dates for 2021 without a deposit at this time, because we understand that it is difficult to make any concrete decisions right now.    

In any event, if you have questions, please reach out and we'll do our best to help!  

Stay Safe, 



Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of flowers are in the buckets?

The buckets may contain flowers from Asters to Zinnias (See what I did there? A-Z!)  Joking aside, we grow over 80 different kinds of flower (and over 200 varieties) so that each bucket will be bursting with whatever is freshest, most beautiful and gloriously abundant in the fields the week of your wedding/event.  We will ensure that each buckets contains a mix of focal flowers, accent flowers and greenery so that your arrangements are balanced and full.  I can give you a better idea of what varieties might be available when we discuss the date of your event.

How many arrangements will each bucket make?

The answer to that is - it depends!  Each bucket should make about 8-10 arrangements, for example, if you are using Mason Jars on tables.  If you are designing bridal or bridesmaid bouquets, you may only get 2-3 bouquets per bucket, depending on the size of your bouquets.

Can I exclude certain flowers/colours?

Although we do our best to accommodate requests (ie. No bright orange, or a vibrant palate), ultimately our buckets will be bursting with what is most beautiful the week of your event.  If you would like to order buckets with a specific palate (ie. All white; or shades of pink and yellow; or burgundy, blue and peach) we do offer a slightly more expensive Custom Palate option.

What is the cost?

Our Farmer's Choice Buckets cost $75 +tax.
Our Custom Palate Option is $95 +tax

How do I pick up my flowers?

Buckets can be ordered for any day of the week for pickup at the farm.  Most people choose to pick up their flowers on Thursday or Friday, for a Saturday event.  Flowers can be expected to last for a week if stored properly.

How do I transport and store my flowers?

Your flowers will be picked, cooled and waiting in buckets with water.  To transport them, we recommend a large car, SUV, van or truck.  A/C is helpful on hot days, and we highly recommend that flowers be your last stop if you have a lot of errands to run that day.  Hot cars and flowers do not mix.  You are welcome to bring buckets and we'll help you transfer your flowers.  Mop buckets and pails work great, but please make sure they are CLEAN.  You are also welcome to use our buckets.  There is a $5 deposit per bucket, refundable when you return the pails.  
When you get your flowers to their location, it is helpful to add a few more inches of cold, fresh water.  They do not have to be stored in a cooler, but please do keep them in a cool place, out of direct sunlight.  A cool basement or room with A/C is a good option.  Do store them away from fruit and pets.

What do I need to have to arrange my flowers successfully?

We recommend a crew of helpful friends and family, sharp snips, CLEAN vessels (vases, Mason Jars, etc), and a place to work that you don't mind getting a bit dirty with stems and leaves.  It is helpful if someone has worked with fresh flowers before.  And delightful cold beverages and snacks help too!  (Not Cheesies.  Cheesie dust and flowers do not mix).

What if I want to add specific flowers?

We can add specific premium flowers such as sunflowers, dahlias and lisianthus to your order, in season.  Just talk to us about ordering them separately.

This all sounds like a lot of work to me.  Do you do weddings?

I do a limited number of small weddings (in terms of number of attendants and decor pieces) each year.  I am happy to talk to you about adding "A la Carte" options such as boutonnieres, bouquets and other pieces to your order.  If you are nervous about doing your own flowers, a good option economically may be to have us do your bouquets and you handle the reception flowers.  (We can make sure that the flowers all complement each other if choosing both A la Carte and DIY options).

How do I order?

We offer our Bulk Buckets from July until Thanksgiving.  Email Heidi at ruralrootsnursery@gmail.com to discuss your event.  Once we've chatted about what you're thinking for your event, a $50 deposit holds your space on our calendar.  (Larger orders might require a slightly higher deposit).  In order to guarantee enough bountiful blooms, we only book a certain number of events each weekend.


Click Through the Gallery Below for Ideas and Inspiration

Also check out our Pinterest board to give you an idea of what flowers are available in each month.  

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