Cut Flowers

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About Our Flowers

We've been slowly adding more and more cut flowers to our fields every year, as each year we fall in love with more varieties that join our "must grow" list.  We grow over 40 different types of cut flowers - such as cosmos, snapdragons, zinnias, sweet peas, statice, dahlias, larkspur and much more.  We grow many types of unique flowers that don't always ship well, meaning you can only find them locally.  Just like with our greenhouse plants and vegetables, we grow using sustainable farming practices to nurture our soil and farm.

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Where to Find Our Flowers

We sell our bouquets at "Stayner Music, Market and Park It" on Thursday evenings from the end of May through the end of August.

We also stock our Self Serve on the Farm with fresh bouquets, which is open Fridays - Sundays from July to October.  For more info, watch our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Our DIY Flower Buckets are also available from July to the first part of October.  They are great for events, and are popular for weddings, anniversaries and showers.  You can find lots more information here.

Cut Your Own!

We are excited to be offering Cut Your Own Flowers on SPECIFIC DATES during 2021.  We have a magical section of the garden planned with some of our favourite cutting flowers for you to tour, enjoy, photograph and cut (and even talk to, if you want -- trust me, we've all done it!).  You can cut a marvelous bouquet of your choosing, and we'll arrange and wrap it for travel.  

More info will follow as we get closer to the dates, which will be held through July, August and September.