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COVID-19 and Our Greenhouse Season

What We Know At This Point

When we started placing our orders for seeds and seedlings last fall, we had no idea that we would be going into our busy spring season in the midst of a worldwide event the likes of which few, if any, of us had ever experienced.  The past few weeks have been heavy, and there are still many unknowns that make it difficult to plan our spring sales.  But at this point, we are operating under the assumption that we won't be able to welcome you to the farm for our traditional Spring Sale Days.  We will instead be pivoting to offering Online Sales with Curbside Pickup.  This means that, in addition to a very busy spring season, we'll be learning the ropes of an entirely new online ordering system.  However, we are grateful that we are going to be able to offer our plants, and hopeful that growing them will help you feed your bellies and your souls.  We also know how supportive our community has always been and we're confident that you will give us grace as we navigate this unprecedented situation.  We want to thank all of you who have already reached out and who have been following us on Facebook and Instagram through this season.  

Our goal is to have our Online Store open for orders by mid-May.  It will be stocked with the vegetable seedlings, bedding plants, hanging baskets and patio pots that we normally grow, as well as shrubs, perennials and more.  We will be keeping you updated on developments through our Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as through our newsletter.  (You can sign up for that at the bottom of this page).  We've taken some time below to list many of the Vegetable and Herb Seedlings we will have available, as well as the Fruit Shrubs.  We're working on putting more lists together for our annuals and perennials, but hope this gives you a place to start for your planning purposes.   

If you want to drop off your containers for custom planting, please email us at to arrange for contactless drop off of your pots.   


What We Will Have Available

Note: I developed this list as a guide, because I know how much many of you want to start planning your gardens and dreaming of summer.  I cannot guarantee any one thing on this list will be available, due to so many circumstances beyond my control.  (If you think supply chains at your local big box store have been affected, try being a one woman business, dealing with living plants during a global pandemic!)

We will try to update this page with annuals, perennials and more, but it may not be possible with the available hours we have (24, just like you).  In the meantime, grab a notebook and start dreaming about your veggie garden!   

Small Plant

Vegetable Seedlings:

Prices will range $1.50 to $3.50 for most vegetables.

  • Arugula, Kale (four varieties), Broccoli, Cauliflower, Mustard Greens, cabbage, Kohlrabi, Leeks, Lettuce (leaf mixes and head lettuces like Romaine and Salad Bowl), Beans (bush and pole), Peas (Snap, Snow and Shelling), Swiss Chard, Beets, Celery (leaf, regular and celery root), Fennel, Cucumbers (pickling, field, English, lemon), Luffas, Melons, Mouse Melon/Cucamelon, Pumpkin (Field and Pie), Zucchini (yellow and green), winter squash (butternut, acorn, buttercup, spaghetti), watermelon, tomatillos, ground cherries. onion bulbs, eggplant (3 kinds) 

  • Tomatoes: Slicing (Early Girl, Better Boy, Beefsteak, Celebrity), Sauce (San Marzano), Cherry (Sweet 100, Juliet, Yellow Pear, Sun Sugar) and Coloured (Lemon Boy, Green Zebra, Chef's Choice Orange, Black or Green), plus some extras. 

  • Peppers: Sweet (Bananarama, California Wonder Select, Super Shepherd's, Purple Beauty, and Chile Green), and Hot (Cayenne, Sunset, Jalapeno) and more.   

  • Our seed rack will be available for online ordering and includes seeds like beans, radishes, spinach, peas, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, beets and more.  If you want a full list now, please email  

  • We are sorry that we are unable to take pre-orders for seedlings.  Check the website, follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter to find out when online ordering goes live.  


Herbs and  Fruit Shrubs

  • Herbs: Basil (4 varieties), Borage, Catmint, Chives, Cilantro, Dill, Lemon Balm, Mint (Chocolate, Mojito, Orange and Peppermint), Oregano, Parsley (Italian and Curled), Rosemary, Sage, Salad Burnett, Stevia, Summer Savory, Thyme

  • Strawberry Plants

  • Fruit Shrubs: Rhubarb, Raspberry, Blueberry, Currant, Goji, Haskaps, Dwarf Cherries, Grapes (Names and Descriptions will follow)

  • Combination "4-in-1" Trees: Apple, Plum, Cherry, Pears 


About Us

It was working in a greenhouse during summers while in university that I first discovered my love of growing and tending flowers.  Although our setup is not what you might call fancy (we use a sauna as a germination chamber and two basic hoophouses assembled by family and friends), we manage to grow a startlingly wide array of plants: annuals, perennials, vegetable and herb transplants, as well as hanging baskets and planters.  We start many of our plants from seed or from small "plugs" which we are lucky enough to be able to source from Ontario growers within an hour or so of us.  We also bring in a carefully curated selection of annuals, perennials and shrubs from Ontario growers, in order to increase what we can offer you, and because we don't have the space of setup to grow every single plant that we'd like to (trust me, we've tried!).

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Our On Farm Spring Sales - Cancelled for 2020.  For details on Online Ordering and Contactless Pickup, Please Read Above.

Every spring we get excited to throw open our (figurative) farm doors to welcome old and new customers to our Spring Sales on the farm.  We host four (long) weekends of sales starting Victoria Day weekend, where we invite you to wander our outdoor and indoor displays, soak in the colours and hopefully discover some new treasures.    

Our Sale weekends for 2020 are: 

  • Friday, May 15th to Monday May, 18th

  • Friday, May 22nd to Sunday, May 24th

  •  Friday May 29to to Sunday, May 31st

  • Friday, June 5th to Sunday, June 7th

There's More

During the season, we'll bring a selection of our transplants to the Stayner Farmers' Market on Thursdays from 5-8:30pm.  

And we offer fall sales of mums and mixed fall planters in September and October.  

We also take custom orders!  We will carefully select proper plants, plant and tend your hanging baskets, window boxes or containers for you.  They'll grow in our greenhouse until you're ready to bring them home.  If you're interested in this service, contact us to arrange a time to drop off your containers - the earlier, the better!

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More Custom Planters

Interested in having your home or work planters changed seasonally?  Check out our Four Season Urn Club to receive a beautiful custom designed insert in spring, summer, winter and fall.  It makes a great gift!  

Christmas/Winter planters are available to for pickup and delivery in November and December 2020.  Our order form will be available in October 2020.  We also offer wreath and planter workshops in our greenhouse for groups of 6 or more.  


Opening Hours

Farm will ONLY be open for ONLINE Orders and Curbside Pickup, in order to keep our customers, our loved ones, and ourselves safe.


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