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Greenhouse: Welcome

About Us

It was working in a greenhouse during summers while in university that I first discovered my love of growing and tending flowers.  Although our setup is not what you might call fancy (we use a sauna as a germination chamber and some basic hoophouses assembled by family and friends), we manage to grow a startlingly wide array of plants: annuals, perennials, vegetable and herb transplants, as well as hanging baskets and planters.  We start many of our plants from seed or from small "plugs" which we are lucky enough to be able to source from Ontario growers within an hour or so of us.  We also bring in a carefully curated selection of annuals, perennials and shrubs from Ontario growers, in order to increase what we can offer you, and because we don't have the space or setup to grow every single plant that we'd like to (trust me, we've tried!).

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Spring Sale Days on the Farm

Every spring we get excited to throw open our (figurative) farm doors to welcome old and new customers to our Spring Sales on the farm.  We host four (long) weekends of sales starting mid-May, where we invite you to wander our outdoor and indoor displays, soak in the colours and hopefully discover some new treasures.    

Our Sale weekends for 2024 are: 

  • Friday May 10th to Sunday, May 12th  (Weather Dependent) 

  • Friday, May 17th to Monday, May 20th

  • Friday, May 24th to Sunday, May 26th

  •  Friday May 31st to Sunday, June 2nd

*Open 9am to 4pm on all sale days.  We accept debit, credit card, cash, and etransfer.

What We Offer:

  • Annuals: From Ageratum to Zinnias, we grow plants for bedding, containers, and cutting gardens.  

  • Vegetable Transplants: From Arugula to Zucchini, including over 20 kinds of peppers, 25 varieties of tomatoes and our favourite herbs.    

  • Perennials: From Alchemilla to Yarrow (Almost "Z")

  • A selection of our favourite and most rewarding Shrubs like hydrangeas, easy care roses, lilacs and peonies.

  • Fruit Shrubs (raspberries, blueberries, currants, elderberries and more) and 4-in-1 Fruit Trees

  • Hundreds of healthy and unique hanging baskets, planters, window boxes and special suprises.

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There's More!

We offer fall sales of mums and mixed fall planters in September and October.  And we offer custom Winter Planters for pickup or delivery in November and December.    

We also take custom orders!  We will carefully select proper plants, plant and tend your hanging baskets, window boxes or containers for you.  They'll grow in our greenhouse until you're ready to bring them home.  If you're interested in this service, contact us to arrange a time to drop off your containers - the earlier, the better!

Greenhouse: Products
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Opening Hours

The Greenhouse is now CLOSED.  See you again in a few months for our Spring Sale Days on the farm.

Greenhouse: Opening Hours
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